Driving Corporate Citizenship to support Sustainable Development Goals


Our mandate is to bring about discernible and meaningful change in the rural communities of India. Our clients in the renewable energy sector are already in the clean space. We further enhance their sustainability quotient by undertaking interventions at their behest that foster inclusive development and shared prosperity for the larger good of the society. This enhances the real value of the carbon instruments accruing to their projects augmenting not only their returns but also their contribution towards collectively achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

With deep rooted conviction in value driven ‘Corporate Citizenship’, it is incumbent upon us to proactively contribute towards the well-being of society. Stemming from one of the focal points of our value system, we pay immense emphasis on ‘Trust and Respect’ which can be realized only when we are responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable people in our sphere of influence.

Our infallible commitment and responsibility towards Promotion of Women Empowerment and Education; Promoting Gender Equality; Child Empowerment; Promotion of Elementary, Primary and Higher Education; Special Education and Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills especially among children, women, elderly, and differently abled; Promotion of Livelihoods; Reducing Child Mortality and Improving Maternal Health; Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases; Ensuring Environmental Sustainability; Promoting Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills and infusing Social Business Interventions forms the cornerstone of our social innovation pursuits which make us a preferred partner in change. We are actively engaged in ‘Social-Good’ not only as our own Principle of Faith but also at the behest of our ever-expanding Global Clientele in its endeavour to maximize social returns on investment.

Our solemn commitment to our stakeholders

We will do whatever it takes to promote economic, social and environmental sustainability to the best of our capabilities and with complete honesty of purpose! We strive to bring a measurable positive change in the society and environment assuming unwavering responsibility and duty towards People, Planet and Prosperity!

Change has long begun at Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Pvt. Ltd. and our Caravan is getting bigger with each passing day!

Stories of Change

Watch out this space for our Stories of Change...