We (Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Private Limited) are a global player in the domain of Credible Carbon Management and Sustainable Development with functional expertise spanning over two decades now. In fact, we are one of India’s oldest and largest Environmental Commodity Management Firms.

Our raison d’etre is taking People and Planet together coupled with a strong conviction that Prosperity is a by-product when the well-being of the former two is ensured with utmost Honesty of Purpose. It is this mandate of integrating the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet & Prosperity) to the Competitive Advantage of our Clients who happen to be the Owners of Renewable Energy Projects/ Energy Efficiency Projects and Nature Based Solutions which has earned us an irreproachable reputation over the years.

Having branched out of an Indian Conglomerate revered as the Pioneer Prime Mover bringing Wind Energy Turbines to the Indian Subcontinent back in the early nineties, we are well versed with the end-to-end process of Manufacturing Renewable Energy Equipment; Commissioning and Management of the Renewable Energy Projects and Effective Management of the associated Carbon Portfolio. Today we manage Environmental Commodities’ Portfolio for Registered Cumulative Clean Energy Capacity in excess of 5 GW and are all resolute to expand this capacity to almost 10 GW over the next couple of years.

Just to cite a few of our very many accomplishments:

  1. We have been the first Organization in India to achieve the 1000 MW registered capacity under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) instituted by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2012;
  2. We are one of the very few Organizations Globally, with 100% Registration Rate without a single rejection under any Global Carbon Mechanism till date;
  3. We have been there and done that by witnessing the crests and troughs of the Global Carbon Market. When some of the biggest names in Carbon Consulting pulled their shutters down overnight in 2012 on account of Market Crash, we unwaveringly stood tall without a single lay off;
  4. We manage one of the largest Project Portfolios under Gold Standard which clearly connotes the shift from a vanilla number based approach to a value based approach embedded in Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. We manage a Vast Inventory of I-RECs that assist our Global Buyers to lower their gross market-based scope 2 emissions from purchased electricity;

We enjoy undisputed legal mandate on behalf of our Clients i.e. Clean Energy Project Developers/ Nature Based Solution Developers/ Industrial Process Owners to transact Environmental Commodities emanating from their Projects on their behalf. It is by this virtue that we bring in the much-needed Credibility and Genuineness which currently is in Huge Deficit in the Global Carbon Management Industry. This Transparency over the last two decades has become our USP.

Some of our Esteemed Clients are JK Paper Limited, CEPCO, NuPower Wind Farms Limited, Sahyadri, Sun-n-Sand, Sahyadri among several others.

Some of the distinguished End Buyers of Environmental Commodities generated by our Clients’ Projects are SHELL, Asia Pacific Carbon Fund under the aegis of Asian Development Bank, Tata Power Trading Company Limited, International Finance Corporation, KfW Bank, Japan Carbon Fund, ANZ Bank, Post Office – United Kingdom among several others.

As an Organization, we enjoy unfettered mandate from our Clients for conceptualizing, designing, immaculately implementing and monitoring Co-Benefit/ Corporate Social Responsibility Interventions in the geographies of operation of our Clients. In doing this we partner with the best in line NGOs and Implementation Agencies working at grassroots so that real, tangible and sustainable change is delivered on ground in a time bound manner.

Adhering to the most stringent Carbon Methodologies of Climate Change Mitigation for our Clients’ Projects, we ensure timely Validation, Verification and Issuance of Credible and High-Quality Environmental Commodities that are backed by sustained interventions towards Rural Community Development, Women Empowerment, Upholding Child Rights, Decent Working Conditions for Adults, Livelihood Generation and Education for All among others. Substantial Portion of the Proceeds from these Carbon Transactions are ploughed back for the sustenance of the Green Projects and towards the well-being of Rural Communities in the vicinity of these Projects.

Acknowledging the potential of Carbon Reduction Projects particularly Nature Based Solutions, we have onboarded some of the best brains in the industry specializing in the technology and are simultaneously well poised for the associated carbon portfolio management.  Our diverse team comprises experienced professionals who can deliver field level technical consultations towards forest plantation right from selection of appropriate species to harvesting and subsequent marketing. As value addition, our Team on an end-to-end basis efficiently manages the carbon portfolio for Nature Based Solutions under various mechanisms like VERRA, Gold Standard among others.

Upholding our deep-rooted commitment towards People, Planet and Prosperity, we as the Environmental Commodities Management Major enjoy an autonomous mandate for path-breaking Innovation in Credible Carbon Portfolio Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and allied areas for our vast Clientele in an endeavor to catalyze Global Climate Action and optimize shared prosperity for all Stakeholders leaving no one behind!!!