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Firing on all Cylinders to Accelerate Credible Climate Action leveraging Sustainability

We at Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Private Limited - the Over Two Decades Old Globally Acclaimed Environmental Commodity Management Firm are catalyzing Climate Action by Effective end-to-end Management of Environmental Commodities like Carbon Credits and I-RECs among several others emanating from Renewable Energy Projects; Nature Based Solutions; Industrial Process Efficiency Enhancement Projects like Waste Heat Recovery, Cogen and Fuel Switch; Biomass as Raw Material Projects; Municipal Solid Wate Management Projects and Water Recycling Projects. We remain committed to assisting Entities across the Globe to Credibly Navigate to a Carbon Neutral World through Efficacious Net Zero Transition Pathways Leaving No One Behind!!!

UN Sustainable Development Charter is our Guiding Vector, and we are doing all that we possibly can taking People and Planet together!!!

Numbers that Matter

We exist for effective Climate Change Mitigation through unique end-to-end Global Carbon Management Services giving fillip to Sustainability leaving No One Behind thereby creating an indelible mark in Carbon Markets across the World. Our diverse portfolio includes Green House Gas Mitigation Interventions through Nature Based Solutions, Energy Efficiency Projects, Co-GEN Projects, Fuel Switch, Waste Heat Recovery Projects and deriving Environmental Value through Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Conservation Practices!!!

600 (+)

Clients across India whose environmental commodities portfolio we manage!

8000 MW

Currently Managing environmental commodities for 8000 MW power derived from Renewable Energy! This figure stood at 3000 MW 2021.

20 Years

We have over two decades of expertise in Credible Carbon Portfolio Managment!

O Rejection

100% registration rate without a single rejection under any Global Carbon Mechanism till date!

Net Zero

We assist our Global Clientele to credibly achieve their 'Net Zero' Goal!

20 GW

Well poised to scale the mandated project capacity from the current 8 GW to 20 GW by 2025

20000 hectares

Mandated to manage an environmental commodity portfolio of over 20,000 hectares under Nature-Based Solutions.


We exist for effective Climate Change Mitigation through unique end-to-end Global Carbon Management Services giving fillip to Sustainability simultaneously creating an indelible mark in Carbon Markets across the World, leaving No One Behind! With Focal Point on People and Planet and a strong conviction in Climate Justice and Integrity, we are here to Assist our Clients Credibly do their bit on the collective path to 'Net Zero'.


Keep Learning

Climate Change is hurling the most unpredictable challenges of our times. It’s indeed a Race Against Time to save our-selves from Climate Catastrophes and keeping the 1.5-degree pledge. The World has taken Cognizance of the fact that Efficient Management of Environmental Commodities is key to expeditious Climate Action. The dynamic landscape in which we work, calls for continual learning, unlearning, re-learning, and improving. In our endeavour to assist entities across the Globe to credibly navigate to a Carbon Neutral World, our team is Cognitively Wired to Keep Learning and Technologically Geared to Keep Delivering with utmost Honesty of Purpose. Keep Learning is much more than just a Catchphrase. It is a way of life for us. We don’t pride ourselves as a Think Tank on Climate Change Mitigation, instead we reckon ourselves as an Action Tank for attaining Carbon Neutrality and creating Socio-Economical Value by leveraging Sustainability. The 5 Pillars that hold our Value Truss are Integrity, Persistence, Hard Work, Patience, and Empathy and we remain committed to Keep Learning in the best interest of our Planet and its People.

Doctrine of Our URL

Uniform Resource Locator popularly abbreviated as URL in Internet's Parlance is effectively the address of a Unique Content on the World Wide Web (WWW). For us our URL is not merely an e-address. It is an extension of our Identity. It is a reflection of what we stand tall for. It differentiates us from the clutter which causes unnecessary din in the Global Carbon Management Industry. For us our URL ViviidGreen is our Conviction, our Ideology, our Doctrine that inspires us to work towards Credible Climate Change Mitigation that will eventually propel us towards Net Zero making Mother Earth Clean and Green simultaneously empowering the People in our Realm of Influence to bring out their best. We are Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Private Limited. While Earth is our Nationality, Our Address on the Internet is


Some of our esteemed Clients are:

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Viviid Buyers

Some of our esteemed Global Buyers are:

  • TATA Power Trading Company Limited
  • Asia Pacific Carbon Fund under the aegis of Asian Development Bank
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • KfW Bank
  • Japan Carbon Fund (JCF)
  • ANZ Bank
  • Post Office - Government of United Kingdom and many more...

Decades of Carbon Portfolio Management Experience

We at Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Private Limited are adept in managing and optimizing Carbon Portfolios of myriad Renewable Energy Projects like Wind, Solar and Hydroelectric among several others with utmost Credibility and Honesty of Purpose!


Our Commitment for a Sustainable Future

To Enhance Shared Prosperity by Optimizing Carbon Management simultaneously making this Planet a Better Place for All

Join Our Cause