Success Strides

Deriving our DNA and lineage from our Founders who are revered as trailblazers for manufacturing and instituting world class, high capacity Renewable Energy Projects, we at Viviid Emissions Reductions Universal Private Limited have a 360 degree insight to the Science that goes behind the Carbon Instruments and have thorough understanding of the entire Carbon Value Chain - a fact that gives us a Cutting Edge over the consultants engaged merely in carbon trading.

Our Momentous Journey Continues

  • 2022

    Today we have a strong base of over 200 clients with cumulative registered project capacity in excess of 3.5 GW and we are all resolute to expand this capacity to 10 GW over the next couple of years. We shall do it upholding our Principles of Credibility and Honesty of Purpose never ever compromising upon Climate Integrity while making the most of Cutting-Edge Technology and Repurposed Internal Platforms. After all this is what instils unparalleled faith in our ever-expanding client base!
  • 2015

    Much before Corporate Social Responsibility was mandated under the Companies Act in the year 2013, our work and interventions were aligned with the Sustainability Agenda resonating the spirit of Millennium Development Goals that preceded the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the Global Fraternity in 2015.
  • 2012

    We have been the first organization in India to achieve the 1000 MW registered capacity under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) instituted by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2012.
  • 2008

    In 2008 when most of the stakeholders had not even heard about ‘Carbon’, we had in place an Internal Dedicated Carbon Subject Matter Expert Team.
  • 2006

    In 2006 we as an Indian Organization registered the 1st Bundled Project under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) instituted by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Noteworthy Achievements

    • We are one of the very few organizations globally, with 100% registration rate without a single rejection under any mechanism till date;
    • We have been one of the very few organizations across the Globe who have posed unshakeable faith in the Carbon Market despite it having nosedived into gloom for a period of 7-8 years and some of the big Carbon Management Firms shutting shops overnight. We have seen the crests as much as we have witnessed the troughs only to remain consistent, persistent and tenacious guided by the principle of doing our bit for Climate Change Mitigation and standing true to our conviction in Climate Justice;
    • Owing to our orientation towards Sustainability since inception, we made an effortless transition from Clean Development Mechanism to other Carbon Mechanisms that emphasise upon social wellbeing and value creation as well;
    • We also boast of one of the largest project portfolios under Gold Standard which clearly connotes the shift from a vanilla number based approach to a value based approach;
    • As our journey on the path of definitive Climate Action and Climate Change Mitigation continues, we unrelentingly strive for the social well-being of all our stakeholders with utmost Honesty of Purpose towards the Sustainability Agenda.